Thursday, February 26, 2015

Is frosty your friend too?

How many times do you wake up and see snow trickling down and turning an ordinary scene extraordinary? It's become second nature around here in Va. I don't recall in my youth that it has ever snowed this much in one season. But yet it's a welcomed change of scenery and great to paint some snow for a change!  Festival season is right around the corner so I've been busy producing for some shows comeing up. Here are the latest paintings...

Sunset beach
11x14 oil on linen

Nottoway reservoir on ice
9x12 oil on linen

Namozine Presbyterian church

Armory in Snow
9x12 oil on linen
$645 (60% sales go to help restore this facility)

Skies above Elizabeth city
11x14 oil on linen
This was a demo I did earlier in the month for a gallery in Richmond. Sold right after the demo. 

Closing in
8x 10 oil on paper

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