Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sea breezes

Hi folks, as I sit here all cumfy in my sleeping bag along the Outer Banks of North Carolina I am reminded of how soothing to the soul the sea can be.

I constantly wrestle with the daily everyday scenarios that creep up on me, but here, right now, all those thoughts are far from my memory banks. I am reminded just how important it is to get away and recharge. To stop and smell the roses. This is important in everyone's life, but it seems for us qrtist, for me at least, it seems more important. I need to stop life from moving at its ever increasing pace and reflect on why I'm here and what I'm doing as a person. More or less a reality check. Makes me realize I need to do theses more often!

Maybe when I head back into civilization ill have a new frame of mind that'll get me through till the next time I can stop and smell the roses. Ill just have to play more Buffett till that happens!!!

Here's a few recent paintings from the trip... Thanks for looking in!!!! Happy painting!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Smithfield Wine and Beer Festival

Hi Folks,
I just participated (danced and painted) my day away at Smithfield's Wind and Beer Festival 2013
Here is a couple of painting's that I painted from the top of the hill. One was more challenging than the other simply becuase I do not usually do crowds....but here it is...
Also, I'd like to congratulate the Charles Taylor Art Center for putting on such a wonderfully catered event tonight as well. The silent auction was a huge success with lot's of folks turned out and dressed up for a private art auction!!! Yay H.A.L!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fresh off the easel

Hi folks, hope this finds you well. Now that i am we'll into April '13 and head first into art instructions on a weekly basis, usually 2 different classes a week every week of the month. Squeezing in time to spend behind my easel has been a challenge but I have managed to get some paintings done! The great part of that has been that every painting that I have done this week has already sold!!! This painting journey is always been a blessing to me and I never thought it would be so fruitful as it has been this month. In fact over the last 6 months has far surpassed any of my other growth periods along this journey.

One other major note, I submitted for jury for a festival that I have been looking up to and admiring the artist that have painted at this festival for easily 10 yrs. it is easily regarded as THE BIGGEST AND BEST PAINTING FESTIVAL ON THE EAST COAST, if not the nation. I am happy to announce that I was accepted into PLEIN AIR EASTON!!!! This event happens on July 15-21 in Easton, MD.

I am humbled by this new event and I don't think that I am really ready for this. This event draws folks from all over the world! I realize I have so much work to do before July!!! Hopefully I can get my ducks in a row! Wish me luck! Here is a few paintings that have been able to get finished and a photo of the 2 that sold!!!! AHhhhh summer is gonna be great!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April.... No fools here!

Just a quick update, hope y'all's Easter was as much fun as mine. I had time to visit family and share some laughs with others. This is a busy month here for plein air painting, it has begun! I just received notice that I have an invite for plein air Easton!! I have been admirering many other artist that have gotten I to this show in the past and now I get to rub elbows with them!!! Can't wait for this event to be held in July 15-21.
Got lots of work to prepare for this one!