Sunday, September 28, 2008


Fall is in full swing here in Park County. The views up the Northfork are truely unbelievable. If any of you folks living in park county haven't been up the northfork i suggest you head up there for some really incredible color. With the temps hovering above the mid 60's it makes it pretty much perfect for painting.

I got started a little later than i wanted to. Not having painted lately i've been naieve to just how quickly the sun sets this time of year. It used to be you could go out at 4 and still have enough time to be lazy and find a scene and set up and drink a cup of jo and then settle into a painting, well now, it's rush rush at 4, so tomarrow i will be setting out early after we put the kids n school and then head up there to catch some good scenes for the day. So without further passing I did squeeze in one painting, although about half of it was finished up here at the house tonight, but it's still a painting.