Saturday, June 15, 2013

On and Off the Road....

Hi Folks,
I just want to update all of you about what's been happening since "Fresh Cut Greens" posting.

I've been able to take another road trip. This trip up to Urbana, Va to seek out a possible gallery in this quaint small town. Once upon entering Urbana you immediately feel like you went back into Mayberry. It has so much charm and carisma that it just ooozes out of the local's faces when chatting with them. I did, of course, get a chance to paint there and opened some doors for representation. So I'll keep yall up to date there. After that the Van-Go van has needed some TLC so he's been in the shop. That has resulted in less traveling over the past 2 wks. But it has helped in keeping me in the studio and painting from home. Although not as entertaining as being outside, it has it's benefits, and distractions.

Anyway, here are a few paintings that I've done over the past couple of weeks. Keep painting and using that limited palet!

Happy painting...