Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year- 2015

Hi folks!
Hope this finds you all doing good. I've had a very very busy couple of months and so much has been blessed upon me over the last couple of months. God has been so good and I finally feel like I am working in ways that enrich others and sharing this gift that he has given to me. I am TRUELY blessed. I want to thank all the new acquisitions that have happened over the past year! It TRUELY has been the best year of my career! Thank you all. 

Off to a chilly start this year but the paintings are still churning away. I hope each one of yall take an opportunity to visit my gallery in beautiful downtown Blackstone Va. Since I am a painter of light the same scene will be different in the matter of hours, so there is inspiration all around us! Every turn I make there is a painting if you use your creative eye. It takes may years to craft and hone your abilities to see artistically and then many more miles of canvas just to produce just one Great painting. I don't want to bore you with the details but all of this comes into play when it just works itself into a painting. 

Here are a few paintings done over the past couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy!!
Happy painting!!

Nottoway Cedar
6 x 8
Oil on linen

New Years Day, Atlantic City - 29th floor
9 x 12
Oil on linen

Winter's Reprise
16 x 20
Oil on canvas

Looking North, Fence Line
9 x 12
Oil on linen

Along Queens Creek
16 x 20
Oil on linen

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