Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi Everybody! Hope your week is off to a great start, well, it's almost hump day so we are half way through! I have been working hard on some paintings both in the studio and plein air. I just want to tell everybody that I got accepted into the Va Artist 2012 Exhibit at the Charles Taylor Gallery here in Hampton, Va. This is a first exhibit for my work here and the potential of a sale are great! This is one the most prestigious opening's in the area so I am VERY excited about it. The reception is Sunday July 15th if anyone want's to come down and see the show. The show is juried by Carolyn Webb Wright, Director of the Visual Arts Center of Va. It should be a great reception from 1:30pm until 3:30pm. Here is the piece that was juried into the show by Carolyn Wright. and then a few recent painting's I've been working on. Enjoy! Tom And some recent's plein air's and studio pieces....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Are you driven by the smell of Roses

When I am out painting in the field I often realize how many people just drive by beautiful everyday paintable journeys,or "spots" I call them, and they never really realize what is in their own backyards. Life being an artist is really about stopping and smelling the roses. If you don't stop and absorb what we have around us, how can we really appreciate what we have? Have you ever smelled a rose and not gotten this clean pure tranquil smell? I ALWAYS smell that smell after every time I have painted! It may sound funny, heck it sounds funny to me while writing this...but, I use that as my sign of if the painting is done or not. Why do you think I smell it?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sunny days, or rainy days, it's painting time!

Spending some day's inside. Spending some luxurious days outside... I have had my time while painting plein air out in the elements. It's not so much fun! So when the weather has taken a turn for the worse around Hampton, I tend to stay inside. Here are a few painting's from those days.... Here are a few paintings from my journeys around this state of Va. It's been a fun couple of wks!