Friday, September 19, 2014

Continued.....GRAND OPENING..... updates

Hi folks.
Im in recovery mode here. After a very exhausting weekend with Blackstone's Art's and Crafts Festival and the Grand Opening of Thomas Bradshaw Fine Arts Gallery and Studio I now have time to sit back and reflect on just how crazy this whole thing came about and how possible it is to do. I never thought or visioned the gallery looking so good, having such good feedback from customers, and having such dedicated fans to come hundreds of miles (+600 - from Ohio) i might add and have this level of love for my art!! So I sit here, humbled, and think about what I can do for the NEXT opening. The Grand, was Grand. So big that I'll probably never top it, but I'll try!

Here are some more photos of the gallery that all the folks who didn't make it here can take a look at more photos!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Grand Opening this Saturday!! September 13th

Hi Folks,
If you all have been keeping up with my blog so far, you are aware that I've been busy building my own gallery here in my hometown of Blackstone, Va. This area is rich in Civil War history and is located a short 45 minutes from Richmond's very own Art and Historical district. A local that is always hopping with visitors to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I recently made a trip to the VMFA to get re-aquanted by my fellow Impressionist painters like Monet, Van Goh, Pissaro and many others. They began the impressionist movement back in the mid 1800's.

Getting back on track here, I have been working very diligently on this gallery and now I am ready to open it up to the public with a Huge GRAND OPENING Celebration this Saturday September 13th at 6 pm. The gallery will be open all day Saturday but the better part of the day will begin at 6pm with an opening reception.

For those folks that are unfamiliar with the area and how to get here, here is the address of how to get to the Gallery.
The Thomas Bradshaw Fine Art Gallery is located at 131 North Main St, Blackstone, Va 23824.

Hope you all can attend and please don't hesitate to call me with any questions you might have! 757 250 1721

See you all September 13th!