Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's in your bag of tricks?

Hi folks,
I hope everyone's doing good! I have really enjoyed all this nice cooler weather. It's still been warm enough to get out and paint and the skies around Southern Va have been incredible!

I have been teaching for the past couple of months and all of my students are asking me, " why are you spilling all of your bag of tricks with us". My idea of helping others paint is to open my mind up and share all the information that I have with them. What this means, of course, is sharing of knowledge. Knowledge is power, now what you do with that knowledge, I can't control, but at least I feel like I shared a bit of my soul with the student. Both walk away feeling like we did our best. I have picked up alot of information while painting with some of the nation's top plein air painters and they opened up for me, so why should I keep all of my secrets locked away in a bag? Fear someone will take my secrets and run with them? NO! I am open to anyone trying these ideas and incorporating them into their own style of painting. That's where the magic is, that's ART. So, if you want to learn about all my bag of tricks....sign up for one of my workshops or classes, here at my gallery,, or if your in the Richmond area, go over to see Diana at For Arts Sake gallery in the west end and sign up for a thursday class
held every thursday from 10-12:30. Some weeks, weather permitting, we go outside and paint.

Or come by my gallery here in Blackstone, va and sign up right here where I can cater to your schedule. Both way's are a great way to come paint with me and learn my bag of tricks!

Here's some recent paintings I've been working on out in the field, Enjoy
Take care,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Post Sept, Pre October...

Hi folks,
I have just gotten back from being on the road since last Thursday. I must say, It is such a pleasure to share this passion of mine with others who have been so gracious and helping me become to artist that I have always set my high standards towards. Spending time with other artist at Williamsburg Chamber of Commerses Art Stroll and meeting new friends as well. Then Friday I loaded up the van with more paintings and took a little overnight road trip to Elizabeth City, NC. Courtney, from Serenity Studios Art held a friday art walk as well with me being the featured Artist. What an honor considering I had never even been to Elizabeth City. They opened themselves up so graciously and I met MANY new friends there as well. This event went so well that I will be returning back to Elizabeth City to teach a 2 day workshop in November 4-5. This will be a plein air workshop and hopefully the weather will hold out for the better. Any which way, it'll be a fun time! Sign up today here

Here's a painting I did while down in Elizabeth City....

Immediately following the Art Walk in Elizabeth City I returned to Williamsburg for Sat/Sunday's biggest yearly event The Occasion for the Art's. This event draws in over 150+ plus fine artist and jewelry artisans from around the country. The weather could not have been better! Saturdays weather was a bit on the hot side, and Sunday's was a little on the cool side. Normal Virginia fall....I met some great new friends and got to spend some time in Williamsburg. That's always a pleasure! All and all, what an incredible road trip!

Next up, Plein air Lexington, October 10-11. One word.....FALL!! Mountains Win AGAIN!