Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sun 2 17 08

Man, has it been 5 days since posting here? time flies!
well, no excuses today, in an artsy mood so that means not much for conversation wise for the day, sorry Jen.

Woke up and struggled to get contacts wet enough to see what i'm painting. Huge day for comparing the values in this one, but now that i think about it, every painting is like that just seems that the one i'm working on right now always takes more effort than the painting before it. That usually pays off in the end as looking like it was easy but it never is that easy. Constant battles with every thought, light, dark, warmer cooler. It is been said, by annonymouse, that an artist does more thinking in an hour long painting than the average person does in a week. How relevant that is i'm not sure, but i do know that after painting, my eyes are EXHAUSTED!

Jen says' breakfast is ready! see you all tomarrow, same panel time ,same brush channel.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Studio paintings

Hey guys, if your wondering where the blog has gone for the last couple of day, check my other blog! been working on a studio piece.
just click my profile view, and you'll see my other blog!
see you there!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tues 2 12 08

I didn't have to work till 6 tonight so it allowed time to get in a quick sketch of an evening shot at Heart mtn. I love the eve light that i so often do not get a chance to paint but fortunate for me the clouds stayed to our west far enough to get some last minute light that always moves way to fast.

Tonight i liked how the snakes came out, as i call them, the smaller little "foothills" leading up to heart mtn, it's always an interesting dance seeing the shadows move like eagar snakes ready for darkness.

up early for an early morn painting hopefully!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Mon 2 11 08

Fire on the mtn, run boy run.....
well, this morning's scene wasn't strong enough to paint, but i've got one from about a wk ago to post that hasn't seen any eyes yet. I remember waking up to one of those red mornings,and not thinking about anything but I'VE GOT TO GET THIS DOWN!
The light moved quick as usual so i had to stick to my original concept and personal responce to the scene.

Click on pic for a larger view!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sun 2 10 08

Good morning!

Totally different painting today vs. yesterday!
Had a few issues with this one, as usual, just to keep me on my toes. I started this one a little later than yesterdays, due to Jen wanting donuts, but hey, I can't turn that down! so after making the doah (?) and letting it rise i've got time to throw up a blog.

I did have a few issues that were fighting against an easy painting, just when i think it's going to be easy, light throws a spin on things as usual. The light had risen more then i've wanted and it forces a little more thought to what decisions to make etc. but felt up for the challenge. the upright plane (mtns) was lighter than the darks of the sky, it makes no sense but nature throws abnormalities at you, and you can either bend the rules or just go with what you see. I've always been on the fence about what really should be done in this situation, sometimes following conventional wisdom, or other times going with what the painting dictates. but it's best you don't join the two, wich i think i did here a little to much.

This painting today was more centered around Heart mtn as that being the focus all else takes the back burner. All in all i mixed up a lot of paint, as usual, and went at it. adjust value here and warms and cools acording to what i saw and felt from the scene. The sky took second, but non the less it was very interesting in itself, just not strong enough to be the center of interest, so it becomes important in aiding that the painting is about heart mtn..
so here is todays blog, hope i didn't ramble on too much!
See you tomarrow!!


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sat 2-9-08

Here's a start.
Seeing the Tim has a daily blog and now that I've settled in to a new studio environment, I thought I'd start up the daily blogs once more just to get me ready for the warm weather of summer, just around the corner (I don't care what the ground hog said)

I woke up ambitious start on these daily paintings and looked outside to nothing but clouds and another day like those Virginia grays.
Jen was already up and working on computer, had my good morning kiss and hello and looked out my north studio window and found as usuall quite a scene unfolding along Heart Mtn just to the north of Cody.

I analized the scene and as usual found the sky to be the predominant screamer for me to base the painting on. It seems heart mtn really attracts some unbelievable skies around it. Ever since stumbling onto a famous artist quite a few years ago, Maynard Dixon, I have always been inspired by many of his paintings and his ability to capture unbelievably accurate sky paintings and still be able to keep his painterly recognizable style. So, nearly everytime i look out my studio window, i think about Dixon's paintings.

I almost always, 98% of time, premix my colors. Mostly due to the fact that morning light changes second by second and if i'm making the scene about color and value that it means i want to get that "ah ha" feeling with an instant, not that that happens very often, but i like the idea of trying and pushing for it. I learned the premix method acouple of years ago from Scott Christensen, and i haven't been able to break myself of it. I have done a few paintings over the year that involved not premixing, but i always find myself coming back to the premix method. I premix all of my "main" center of interest paint first. These paintings, mainly being about the sky, I always mix my sky colors first and then go with background (bg) to forground (fg) in that order. I also do something that many of my artist friends do NOT do. Work from a very limited palet of 1red, 1 blue, and 1 yellow, plus white. To me it forces me to think simply and it alieviates the problem of "which red did i use to get that", which i used to have trouble with, and having to think more about what color i used to mix a color while the light is changing so fast is not something i can do easily and it takes my head out of the painting. I've gotten into that habbit now and i no longer think of what color (red,blue,yellow) to go for and just go to the spot on my palet that will get the best results for color. When your in that habit your not mixing a green, per-say, your mixing a warmer or cooler color to match the color that's next to it on the painting.

Ok, enough rambling boy, get to the painting! Hopefully i will explain a little more about the painting in future cast but i'll keep it as simple as i can.

The clouds seem to cling to heart mountain everyday sometimes creating a funnel like shapes in the sky, very interesting how it reminds me of the movie "Wizard of Oz" and the tornado, but so often they seem to look like that as you will see hopefully from the paintings that come from these daily exercises.
Ok, I get right to the sky, it is the main center of interest, then block in heart mtn, it has a distinctive shape so i want to get is somewhat accurat the first time and not noodle around with refinements later. Heart mtn today, was in shadow, forground in light, a classic example of what us artist are looking for, mixed light.
After 20 mins the scene has become another scene right before my eyes not resembling anything that i wanted to paint. I used to chase those kinds of scenes, but learned to reframe and focus on your scene that you orig. had and stick to it. After block in came the time for refining the sky, these little six -by-eights do not take much time about 15 mins to do and then refine them to their original ideas, then presto DONE!
one painting don! ON TO THE NEXT!!!