Friday, January 31, 2014

Branching out

Birch Family

Hi folks, hope you all are doing well!
I've been very busy planning for a very busy summer painting trips to Florida and beyond.  Yes I have accepted in Winter Park,Florida's Plein air paint out ( that is happening April 20-26.

This will be my first time taking part in this prestigious event and I'm really looking fwd to the warmer climate!  The winter cabin fever has really been hard this year with temps below normal. I have been colder here in Va than I can ever remember in Wyoming!  The humidity here really has been draining and all I can think of is staying inside close to the fire.  

But, all that time in studio has allowed me so,e time to get some larger paintings done. I don't paint large paintings whe. I'm out Plein airing mainly because time and size factor. Plus having a large 16x20 outside really does act like a sail once the wind picks up.  These paintings that I have revised and fixed up are ready to go to new homes now, so I'm happy to announce that some of my larger paintings will be represented in a private show happening next Saturday, feb 8. Legrand Fine Art in Richmond has agreed to show som

e of these paintings!!! This is a huge opportunity to work with such professionals and be included in the collection of some of the nations best painters! Find out more info at

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