Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pre Fall preparations....including the bug spray

Hi Folks,
I am just taking a small chance to write on my blog tonight after a couple of wks of painting, a plein air exhibit (plein air 757) and the very next week preparations for my opening reception at Blue Skies Gallery. All this has happened so fast that I have not even had much time to recollect on my paintings that have come across my brush. I try to approach each painting differently from the one before, but still keeping the things I learned from the last painting fresh in my mind. This keeps everything fresh and free aspect about my work. I often look at some of my work and note to myself that one works, one doesn't or it doesnt have feeling with in itself. I do not like to put work out there that doesn't have it's own presence, so it usually get's covered up or painted over. I try to paint daily and even those that do not make the cut, it's still an opportunity to paint and it's still brush mileage. The result might not be up to par, but I usually do notice things to change and the process of change is recognized. Whether that sticks for the next painting? That remains to be seen in every case...

Well, here are a few paintings that have been painted over the past couple of wks. Hope you enjoy!

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