Friday, July 26, 2013

Easton follow.....An Update

Hi folks.
This past week has been a change from last wk's crazy paint fest up in a beautiful town of Easton,MD. If you have been a follower of this blog you are aware of my anticipation for this event. I will post some photo's of paintings done and I think I have photo's of 2 that have found new homes. All in all, Easton was a huge success with 2 new homes that my work now reside in! Meeting new collectors is always a joy and coming to a union with someone who doesn't paint is always a special bond. After having a relaxing and well deserved painting break it is time to start to prepare for the next one! Yes, Plein Air 757 is in just a few weeks away. Augest 8-10 with a quick draw over in Cape Charles on Sunday the 11th. So much Fun!!!!
Stay tuned for more updates!

All and all I was able to meet my goals in Easton. 20 paintings in 7 days. Some days I did 2 a day, others I was able to get in 4 in one day. The days were extremely hot! but that never stops a plein air painter! Did I mention the days were HOT!?

Take care folks, hope you enjoy!

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