Monday, September 16, 2013

Season's Change

Hi Folks,
Fall is in the air! My favorite time of year, maybe I said that in the spring, or maybe even in the summer, but fall really is a painters dream. Colors are popping just around the corner. In a couple of wks, I'll be off to painters paradice. That means, I can set up office around any bend in the road, any old barn that I see, and any swamp or lake that I pass by.... Mother nature just begs to be seen and understood. I think painters are the most a-tuned to her power as far as,business people go. What I mean here is, we interpret her. We have to read what she gives us, interpret her givings, and try to make a painting out of it. She is perfect in all that she throws at us. She never rest, and she forces us to keep focused and goal oriented. The time is near, get your gear, rear your head, put the lead down, and get out there!!

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