Friday, February 22, 2013

Thomas Bradshaw workshop preparations!

Well, apparently my Blogger app on my iPhone 5 is not working right. I have put 2 post into that app and niether of them were ever posted...So here is the more recent one that I did just the other wk. This will catch you up with a bit of my history, Hi Folks, I want to let folks know who follow my blog that my workshop preparations have begun for 2013.Currently I am teaching a basic landscape class that is meeting every Monday afternoon at 4pm out of Blue Skies Gallery in Downtown Hampton. Blue Skies gallery is a wonderful place to teach with plenty of room to spread out and discuss my topic on color theory, composition, and value studies. Although this class is already underway, you can be put on a mailing list for my March class's which will be taught at the Chamberlin. Details are still being hashed out for this.We are also planning a workshop in April, still early in the work stages. Charles Talor Art Center in Hampton has inked me in for April 28, and May 5th. This class is deeply discounted and is only $50! so Call The center for more details. Charles Taylor Art Center,4205 Victoria Blvd, Hampton, VA 23669Many more to come so if your interested in getting involved, shoot me a line and I'll keep you updated!Spring is around the corner, so let's get out there and paint!Tom

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