Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sailing back to 1692....

Hi Folks, It's been a couple of weeks since posting and now that I'm settled into my new abode I thought it would be a great time to post some new paintings to my blog. Today is just a wonderful day outside and feeling rejuvenated to paint and begin this next segway on my journey. I have found new areas to paint here in beautiful Smithfield, Va and it appears there is again a wealth of possibilities just around the corner. I have found a great church that was build in the days of Jamestown. Yes, it was built in 1692. Wow, and it's still standing. I'm not a good writer so hopefully you will forgive me for my imperfections here. I need to find a writer to be able to put down proper grammer, but until then yall will have to overlook my imperfections. Here are some recent paintings done in the Smithfield area and beyond. Also, I want to give yall an update on an Exciting opportunity that I have teaching a workshop at the Smithfield Station. The Station has a great little marina with open views that are just begging to be painted. This one day class will take place on April 6th. For more information shoot me an email or simply call 757 618 4285 for more information on the class. I'm looking fwd to a great spring for painting and getting others started along their own journeys in painting. Stay tuned. Tom

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