Sunday, January 20, 2013

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wow, What can I say? It was an incredible Christmas for painting for me! I hope all is well with everybody. Hope you are also painting away and when not painting, visiting family, making new family, and listening to good music. It doesn't get much better than that. I have had a very busy month since last posting here. I told myself to get in a blog a couple of wks ago remotely, but it never went through and then life got involved and then the holidays....blah blah blah.... A little sum up of my last month.... I needed to do a painting in the NC. mountains for a family member who was getting married out in Blowing Rock, NC. Came back to the Coast 3 days later from snow back to the warmth of the ocean. I managed to paint outside on occasions throughout the holidays. I did get a chance to visit one of my best painting buddies on NYE right before he headed off to his venture back into society of working for a living and saving up for his trecks around the world to paint. I'd love to take one with him one day, but I can't seem to pull myself away from societies grip as well as he can. I took paintings up to a new gallery in Richmond, Ricks Frame and Gallery on Patterson Ave. If you are up in Richmond stop by and take a look at my 6 paintings I have there for show. I just dropped off a painting for the Charles Taylor Art Center yesterday. The members show reception is Sunday afternoon at 3pm 1/27. Also, this wednesday I am dropping about 6 paintings at the Norfolk Collegate show in Norfolk, Va. That opening reception and sale is next sat (1/25). All this excitement has kept me busy and not post much here on my blog. Summer workshop preparations are under way so I'll keep everyone posted as to when they are. You can also always check in with Blue Skies Gallery in downtown Hampton to see when I am teaching my next class. I have lined up to teach a workshop every Monday during the month of February. If you are interested, please check with Leslie at Blue Skies and where I have all the criteria for the workshop there.....Aaaaahhhh, did you get all that? I'm starting the year off right! busy busy.... Take care, Tom

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