Thursday, December 13, 2012

Practice with Perfection

There are stages in life, at least in my life, where there are momentary lapse of reason. Those moments vary greatly in length. Many are so long that I even forget that there are lapse of reason. They just become the norm. I continue to paint haphazardly and forget all knowledge that I have accumulated over 13 years of painting. Then there are days where everything just pops. Where the reasoning is over and you know that what you are doing is half hearted. Those days are needed in everyone I think, I mean we all go through life's uncertainties, uncertain at times, right? Haveing lived through so many of these that when I do land on my feet again I realize how little perfect practice I do. Perfect practice makes perfect paintings. To think higher than oneself and go for the gold. That's very challenging but I think we all should set out goals this way. Be it in running or just building model airplanes, do it with passion, with heart. Do whatever, but do it to the best of your ability!

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