Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sun 2 17 08

Man, has it been 5 days since posting here? time flies!
well, no excuses today, in an artsy mood so that means not much for conversation wise for the day, sorry Jen.

Woke up and struggled to get contacts wet enough to see what i'm painting. Huge day for comparing the values in this one, but now that i think about it, every painting is like that just seems that the one i'm working on right now always takes more effort than the painting before it. That usually pays off in the end as looking like it was easy but it never is that easy. Constant battles with every thought, light, dark, warmer cooler. It is been said, by annonymouse, that an artist does more thinking in an hour long painting than the average person does in a week. How relevant that is i'm not sure, but i do know that after painting, my eyes are EXHAUSTED!

Jen says' breakfast is ready! see you all tomarrow, same panel time ,same brush channel.

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