Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sun 2 10 08

Good morning!

Totally different painting today vs. yesterday!
Had a few issues with this one, as usual, just to keep me on my toes. I started this one a little later than yesterdays, due to Jen wanting donuts, but hey, I can't turn that down! so after making the doah (?) and letting it rise i've got time to throw up a blog.

I did have a few issues that were fighting against an easy painting, just when i think it's going to be easy, light throws a spin on things as usual. The light had risen more then i've wanted and it forces a little more thought to what decisions to make etc. but felt up for the challenge. the upright plane (mtns) was lighter than the darks of the sky, it makes no sense but nature throws abnormalities at you, and you can either bend the rules or just go with what you see. I've always been on the fence about what really should be done in this situation, sometimes following conventional wisdom, or other times going with what the painting dictates. but it's best you don't join the two, wich i think i did here a little to much.

This painting today was more centered around Heart mtn as that being the focus all else takes the back burner. All in all i mixed up a lot of paint, as usual, and went at it. adjust value here and warms and cools acording to what i saw and felt from the scene. The sky took second, but non the less it was very interesting in itself, just not strong enough to be the center of interest, so it becomes important in aiding that the painting is about heart mtn..
so here is todays blog, hope i didn't ramble on too much!
See you tomarrow!!


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