Friday, September 19, 2014

Continued.....GRAND OPENING..... updates

Hi folks.
Im in recovery mode here. After a very exhausting weekend with Blackstone's Art's and Crafts Festival and the Grand Opening of Thomas Bradshaw Fine Arts Gallery and Studio I now have time to sit back and reflect on just how crazy this whole thing came about and how possible it is to do. I never thought or visioned the gallery looking so good, having such good feedback from customers, and having such dedicated fans to come hundreds of miles (+600 - from Ohio) i might add and have this level of love for my art!! So I sit here, humbled, and think about what I can do for the NEXT opening. The Grand, was Grand. So big that I'll probably never top it, but I'll try!

Here are some more photos of the gallery that all the folks who didn't make it here can take a look at more photos!

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