Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Whirlwind....

Hi folks,
I just want to post some updates to the blog. It's been far too long and there's been so much happening that I probably will not remember to discus so much with yall!!

I just returned from Winter Park, Fl. from a plein air event. It was great to reconnect with other artist, kinda like a homecoming, and meeting other new friends. Making new family friends, and staying with the most gracious host on the planet. Pam and Glenn Paisley opened their arms to a stranger, and I departed feeling loved and welcomed back anytime.

The Winter Park Plein air 2014 was just what the doctor ordered to start off a very busy painting season. With new sales and my client base extending is always a welcomed event. The weather was great, it's Florida how bad can that be, and the art was even hotter than the temps.

So with no more delaying, I'll share what happened and hopefully you will see something here you might like. If you do, don't hesitate to contact me via email.

Also, I am participating in LeGrand Fine Art's Salon again this quarter (http://www.legrandfineart.com). Sue puts on an amazing Salon and usually has clients walking out with smiles on their faces and paintings in their hands. Check her web site out for more info.

So, here's a few paintings that have sprung from my brushes.

Thanks for reading and for your support! Take care, Tom

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