Thursday, February 27, 2014

Port Warwick or any other port of call

Hi folks, 
I just want to fill you in on a bit of up and coming events happening in the coming weeks. 

I am humbled to be accepted into this show of other great local artist in the area. The show at Murphy Mongomery gallery begins at 5:30pm. I hope you can attend!!

Also, I am participating in an event in The middle of April ( April 20-26 ) in winter park Florida (  I am trying to let folks know ahead of time so if anyone wants to help with expenses of the trip I am offering an option for that to happen. What I'm willing to offer is if anyone wants to pre- purchase a painting to help cover gas down and back it would greatly help in many ways. What I am offering is for every $150 you care to contribute I will allow you YOUR choice of painting that comes from the trip.  Hers how it breaks down..... $150- choose any 6x8 , $300- you can choose any 8x10 OR 9x12, if you'd really like to help out and contribut $500 you have your choice of 11x14 up to 16 x 20.

These prices are much lower than if you found my painting in a gallery setting. I am only making this offer available until April 10th. So take this opportunity to pick up a one of a kind original and knowingly that your helping to keep a dream alive! Thank you all!  Please email me to take part in this great opportunity...
Also please visit Winter Park Florida's site for more up to date info!!

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