Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wy skies part 2

Got to do a plein air today!
I need to get it in gear, and i've been not wanting to go outside lately cause it feels like winter just wont let it's grip go anytime soon. I just keep saying to myself, it's not going to last forever!

Wanting to push myself, i took out a diferent set of colors, palet, and tried the ole Zorn palet. It consist of : Mars Black, Burnt sienna (but i used rose vineto for this one) and yellow ochre plus white. I have used it on occasion over the past couple of years, and everytime i use this palet i fall in love with it more and more, I like the muted colors, and nothing real strong in this that i have to spend time graying down. I love the fact that although i used black, when i do mix the bk with wht it creates a nice shimering pale blue, this palet is VERY SUBTLE yet very strong in the Wyoming tones that are prevelant here. It's just a fun palet to work with, I think i might add the colors to my norm palet and see what happens.

Also, Jen baught me some new linen late last year and after a couple of months of trying it out and giving it a test run i'm really starting to like it. It's got a lot of tooth to it and usually that deters me from likeing a rough surface, i've been working on somethng a lot smoother the past couple of years so i was a little apprehensive when i got it from dick blick. But, i'm really liking the stuff. It doesn't have the absorbency of the other linens i've used wich is good because your brush strokes last longer, and with the large tooth on this you can really lay on the paint! you can see it here if you click on the photo!

After the painting from the cab of my truck, the woosey that i am went to start the truck and the bat had died! Someone else left the lights of while painting, i just haven't found that someone else. but no probs jen had to come give me a jump! back home warm and steaks on the grill!!!

Fun day!
Over and out..........

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