Friday, November 6, 2015

Why we ALL need art in our lives....

I often think of the ordinary people who are going to and fro in their lives and how much more meaningful each of their lives would be if they would collect original art.  I consider myself a very blessed man, have God on my side, have a very loving family that allows me to pursue my destiny, and a lovely woman to share her love and support. I often think and Annalise why art is so special. Some days I find myself seeking the abstract qualities of a scene... Like this painting....

Sanbridge light
Plein air 

....Sanbridge Light has to me many abstract qualities like shape movement and qualities behind the grays, with its warms and cools.... Or another one of mine here in Blackstone,Va....

Shadows of Faith

This painting was purely about the qualities of abstract shapes and marksmanship. Every time I approach a scene we must ask ourselves, "what is this about". In this case, the way the light was laying on the building was my focal point. So I simply went after that. 

Catching a feeling is essential to painting outdoors, catching that little moment in time! Ahhhh! That's where it's at! I hope you are inspired and I hope you would respond with your reasons for painting, here are a few recent works as well, take care... God bless!

Along the James 

Newport Harbor

Sunset over the water

Anderson Tire

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