Saturday, July 12, 2014

Firing on all Cylinders ....

Hi folks,
I hope this blog finds you well, and the summer heat is not keeping you down. My time has been split pretty equally between events in Richmond, Richmond Plein Air 2014, in Hampton at the frame shop, and here at the Thomas Bradshaw Fine Art Gallery/Studio. I have even had time to paint on an almost daily basis. I am so thankful for this talent that God has given me. I am such a lucky person to be able to not have to punch a time clock anymore....AAAhhh, back to the blog....
I have been making huge progress in the gallery. Main gallery has been painted! YES! I am doing trim work now for the next couple of days out in the halls and the stairs, and maybe even get all of that painted as well. I think at the end of all this gallery and in my memoir's I am going to have to write about "how to open your own gallery on a shoestring budget!" But here's some photos from paintings and other happenings. Maybe even one from the gallery!!
Take care, stay cool!

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