Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fresh Cut Grass.....

Hi Folks,
Now that we are full on into the summer season here in Virginia countryside I like to say how green everything is. We are getting rain on a nearly daily basis. It's tough for the painter in more ways than one. All this green that is out there reminds me just how important mixing your greens are vs. the boring ole technique of pulling out Varidian and just using green from a tube. I have stood by my color palet system now for almost 8 years and now it is more important than ever when out mixing greens. I found this system from a class I took from Scott Christensen. He teaches a large group of students the fundamentals on color theroy and composition. His goals are to go small, time limit, and mixing accurate color. All are so vital in plein air painting. If you ever want to take a top notch workshop (I think the best in the country) look up Scott. He has a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for all painters. Oh, his palet is unmatched and I think I'll be using this palet for the rest of my life. It's so much fun mixing color and it always get's the juices flowing from the start of any scene!

Here are a few paintings from my limited palet of
Ultramarine Blue
Cadminium Yellow Light
Permanent Red Medium
and Titanium White

Thanks for looking in!

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