Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sea breezes

Hi folks, as I sit here all cumfy in my sleeping bag along the Outer Banks of North Carolina I am reminded of how soothing to the soul the sea can be.

I constantly wrestle with the daily everyday scenarios that creep up on me, but here, right now, all those thoughts are far from my memory banks. I am reminded just how important it is to get away and recharge. To stop and smell the roses. This is important in everyone's life, but it seems for us qrtist, for me at least, it seems more important. I need to stop life from moving at its ever increasing pace and reflect on why I'm here and what I'm doing as a person. More or less a reality check. Makes me realize I need to do theses more often!

Maybe when I head back into civilization ill have a new frame of mind that'll get me through till the next time I can stop and smell the roses. Ill just have to play more Buffett till that happens!!!

Here's a few recent paintings from the trip... Thanks for looking in!!!! Happy painting!

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