Monday, August 20, 2012

The Air up there...

The Air up there... How many artist take a few minets out of their day to stop and look at the sky. I mean, usually when I'm out the sky is very influential. When I go out to paint, I have an idea in mind of what I want to paint. Usually those ideas change according to the scene and what works with in a painting. After I'm done with the academic stuff, I usually look to be a little more responsive to open up my senses a bit and look for how the clouds move throughout the wonderful sky! It's the most liberating form of painting. A place to be free of rules and thought. Mother nature forces you to be fast when working on sky scene's. Since they are constantly moving, you have no time to second judge your actions, forceing one to open up and be free. I try to get in one painting a wk geared toward a sky. Some wks it works, some wks, we just have those Va. grays that I used to tease my Mom about as a child. With any effort, you can always look up and paint what you see. In 5 minets, It will be completely different. Take the jump, it's worth the leap!

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