Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi Everybody!

How long has it been? Wow! over a year and a half....well, there has been many paintings that have passed by my easel over that time and if I tried to post everyone on here I would fill up your hard drive and probably crash many computers. So I will not do that but jsut to give you all an update, that is if your still coming back from me being gone for far to long. I have recently moved to Hampton Va. This beautiful harbor side community has always been attractive to me. The first time I painted here this study came out of it here...

So the love of the area has braught be back for a longer stay and to grow some roots.
Since moveing here I have picked up a gallery, Blue Skies Gallery, just across from the Air and Space Museum in Downtown Hampton. You all Should come by and check out the new work!

Here is a sample of what's been coming off the portable easel since moving here!

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