Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Love of Art

While having free time usually every night after Jen and Rebekka have long since laid their stressed minds down for the night. I get these little moments where i just meditate. This time is precious for me, it's where i can sit down and think like an artist again. I don't know if i've become too domesticated in life and have changed my mind enough to help raise a struggling little girl through the crazies in this life.

I analyze why i need art in my life. There are times where i'm not even thinking about making art, or being artistic. I'm just trying to get a point in the day where i can be an artist. That's about the only thing i have to keep me sane sometimes. Art really relaxes me, let's me shrug off the day's un-colorful events like work! lol

I personally need art on a daily basis. It is not always just in the painting process for me. Everytime i step outside on a beautiful day, or even a gloomy day, there is something that reminds me why i have and am a lover of art and the landscape. I step outside and just relax and take it all in. the smells, the feel of the sun, it all comes out to almost and sometimes painting is right in front of me. Many times behind the easel out west the scene will just paint itself and i'm just the tool. I usually just let it do it's thing and where it leads.....but that leads to another topic, You'll just have to standby .......

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